Spectrum WatchDog

Spectrum WatchDog 3000 Wireless ET Weather Station

Spectrum Technologies Inc. expanded its product offering with the release of the WatchDog Wireless ET Weather Station. Through the single station, customers can now receive real-time, site-specific weather data on their smartphone, including temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed/direction and solar radiation.

With an LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT cellular radio, the 3000 Series can monitor the widely dispersed turf areas and send data to the SpecConnect Cloud. After an overnight rainfall, a turf manager can see which areas received different amounts of rainfall with a separate Wireless Rain Temperature/Relative Humidity Station and adjust irrigation runtimes accordingly.  Varied microclimates are capably tracked, with localized disease pressure warnings available. The all-in-one design with smartphone setup makes installation quick and easy for someone whose real job is not setting up weather stations.

“With this new wireless station, you no longer have to rely on local weather services providing inaccurate rainfall and ET data,” said Mike Thurow, president and CEO of Spectrum Technologies.  “With site-specific rainfall and temperature data through the season, more effective decisions are made, and playing conditions are optimized and consistent.”