Stihl BGA 200

Stihl BGA 200 handheld blower

High performance in a battery-powered machine, the BGA 200 is the most powerful, dedicated handheld blower in the Stihl range. Part of the Stihl AP Series of battery products, the BGA 200 boasts long run times and a blowing force of 21 Newtons, making it suitable for demanding applications. 

Designed with the professional landscaper in mind, this high-performing, durable blower makes lawn maintenance and debris clean-up quick and easy. The BGA 200 is packed with features including:

• Power Select: Operators can select from four different power levels providing the optimum balance of performance and run time.  

• Boost mode: The highest of the four power levels, generates air velocity up to 188 mph, air volume of 553 CFM, and a blowing force up to 21 Newtons (N)* with the squeeze of the trigger, which is ideal for tough tasks where maximum power is needed.

• Variable Speed Throttle: provides precise control of blowing force. 

• Innovative blower tube that can easily adjust the length to accommodate different operating situations and operator physiques with a simple touch of a button.

• Low Noise: Allows operation in noise-sensitive or restricted locations.

• Low Weight: Only 6.8 lbs. Designed to be used with STIHL AR 3000 backpack battery, weight is shifted from the unit to the back greatly reducing hand and arm fatigue.