Brandt showcases new sustainable foliar nutrients, Grigg technology

Brandt rolled out two new proprietary nutrient technologies: Brandt Organiplex and Grigg Turftopia.

Brandt Organiplex has been approved by the Organic Materials Institute, and is recommended for customers looking for high-quality, high-performance sustainable fertilizers. The formulation contains a high concentration of amino acids, which boosts nutrient efficiency. Brandt Organiplex is the latest addition to the company’s sustainable product portfolio, which includes nutrients, adjuvants and bio-pesticides.

Grigg Turftopia is the newest formulation in the premier Grigg Proven Foliar nutrient line. The new technology helps maintain turf hydration, resilience and playability during periods of drought and environmental stress. It contains unique properties that help maintain cellular hydration and strength.

“We’re looking forward to bringing this technology to the turf industry,” said John Guglielmi, National Sales Director at Brandt. “We are very excited about the value it’s going to bring to superintendents.”