AstroTurf turns a double play with Pittsburgh baseball and softball

The facility upgrades at the University of Pittsburgh are in full force as its softball and baseball stadiums are experiencing field upgrades. The Petersen Sports Complex, a 12-acre complex that is home to Pitt baseball, softball, men’s and women’s soccer and lacrosse, continues to enjoy major updates as AstroTurf is installing its second and third fields within the year.

One could actually call this a triple play as the new baseball and softball fields will bookend the 103,500 sq. ft. AstroTurf soccer field that was installed earlier in 2019. The upgrades at the Peterson Sports Complex are great examples of Pitt’s commitment to provide its student-athletes with safe, high performing athletic surfaces and its fans with great gameday experiences.

Pitt’s new baseball field features the AstroTurf Diamond Series RBI System, which includes multiple artificial turf components that have been specifically engineered to emulate the look, feel and performance of both the grass and clay portions of a baseball field. Diamond Series turf systems from AstroTurf are well known throughout the sport for delivering the ultimate playability, durability and ballpark aesthetics. AstroTurf has more turf fields in the ground than all other major turf companies combined.

“We can’t wait to see Charles L. Cost and Vartabedian Fields transformed into something really special,” said head baseball coach Mike Bell. “When picking what turf we would use to replace our surface, it was clear around the baseball world it was AstroTurf. After our research and conversations with all other companies, it was clearly evident it was AstroTurf and the Diamond series. The combination of fiber types, different infills and just overall experience of their baseball field is second to none. Mix in their ability to fine tune the speed of the ball on the surface, it’s a game changer. They truly have incorporated the baseball metrics we use every day into their Diamond Series System. Some talk about it, but these guys do it. We’re very anxious to see our student-athletes play on the new Diamond Series System.”

Pitt softball is getting an amazing field as well with AstroTurf’s RootZone being installed in its outfield. AstroTurf’s Diamond Series Softball Fields play and look so natural, yet provide easy maintenance and exceptional durability for years.

Pitt Softball head coach Jodi Hermanek stated, “We’re excited that AstroTurf is taking over both Charles L. Cost and Vartabedian Fields. AstroTurf has a reputation of being the best artificial turf surface to play on, and we know they won’t disappoint. We’re thrilled to open our 2020 home slate playing on their state of the art turf, excited to see the finished product and for our team to get back to work.”

AstroTurf Director of Baseball and Softball, Aaron Klotz, added, “It has been an incredible year for the AstroTurf Diamond Series! We have added some big name schools to our family, and now to be able to finish the year off with two great programs like Pitt Baseball and Softball is really exciting for us.”

Both Hermanek and Bell are entering their second season with their programs and have much to be excited about for the upcoming season. The University of Pittsburgh competes in DI in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The University of Pittsburgh is now a member of a long list of AstroTurf Diamond Series Baseball customers that include elite programs such as Vanderbilt, Michigan, Kentucky, Duke, Ohio State, Washington State, West Virginia and many, many more. Pitt softball is now a member of AstroTurf’s Softball family that includes Oklahoma, Michigan, Oregon, Minnesota, Boston College and many others.