Toro Precision Series spray nozzles

Looking for a better way to manage your irrigation system’s water usage, eliminate runoff and reduce water costs? There’s a simple answer: switching to Toro’s Precision Series Spray Nozzles. These one-of-a-kind nozzles can help you save money and labor with the following advantages:

High Efficiency

Precision Series Spray Nozzles feature patented H20 Chip Technology that uses up to a third less water while achieving the same spray distance as conventional spray nozzles.

Conventional fixed spray nozzles direct water by deflecting it off of a plate at the top of the nozzle to create a fan-like pattern. With H20 Chip Technology, specially designed chambers emit micro streams of water that oscillate back and forth at a rate of nearly 200 times per second. The result is larger, more uniform-sized droplets, class-leading coverage of the irrigated area and better-defined edges.

Think of it this way: The difference between conventional spray nozzles and Precision Series Spray Nozzles is like the difference between placing your thumb over the edge of a garden hose versus whipping it back and forth (except on a much smaller, much faster scale).

Lower Precipitation Rate

All Precision Series Spray Nozzles have a matched precipitation rate of 1 inch (25 mm) per hour. That means all the nozzles, regardless of radius, water at the same rate. Whether the zone is 5 or 15 feet across, you can run the nozzles for the same amount of time to apply the amount of water needed.

How does this compare to other leading nozzles? A typical multi-stream rotary nozzle delivers good coverage, but the precipitation rate is around 0.4 inches (10.2 mm) per hour. That means you have to run your irrigation zone 2.5 times longer to apply the same amount of water. If you’re in an area with “water windows” that require irrigation to be completed between specified times, scheduling becomes a significant challenge. That’s one example where a 1-inch-per-hour precipitation rate is an advantage.

Another benefit of a Precision Series Spray Nozzle versus a multi-stream rotary nozzle is that the spray radius is fixed. If, for example, you replace a 15-foot (4.57 m) conventional nozzle with a 15-foot (4.57 m) Precision Series Spray Nozzle, no adjustment is needed. However, if you replace it with a multi-stream rotary nozzle, you’ll have to adjust the radius on each nozzle to achieve the needed head-to-head coverage — and that equates to additional time and labor from a retrofit or installation perspective.

Distribution Uniformity

If you have a conventional fixed spray nozzle, you can pull it out and replace it with a Precision Series Spray Nozzle without having to change your runtimes. So, how is that possible with a third less water? The answer is coverage, or distribution uniformity — in essence, how much water is actually reaching the intended target. Distribution uniformity (DULQ) for Precision Series Spray Nozzles averages in excess of 70 percent. With conventional spray nozzles, it’s closer to 55 percent.

Integrated Pressure Compensation

In addition to the above benefits, Precision Series Spray Nozzles are available with an optional, factory-installed pressure compensation disc. When installed on systems with operating pressures in the 45-50 psi range, the integrated pressure compensating disc presents an optimal 30 psi to the nozzle. This allows the nozzle to maintain a 1-inch-per-hour precipitation rate while reducing misting and atomizing, and can, in some cases, minimize the need for a pressure-regulating spray body.

Universal Fit

At Toro, our commitment to using water responsibly isn’t limited to the products we make. That’s why we offer Precision Series Spray Nozzles in both Toro (male) and female thread patterns for compatibility with most other manufacturers’ spray bodies. Whether it’s a new installation or retrofit project, you can take advantage of Precision Series Spray Nozzles to increase efficiency. Plus, both thread pattern styles have the same list price; we don’t charge a premium for the non-Toro option.


Third-party testing has confirmed that Precision Series Spray Nozzles are the most efficient fixed spray nozzle on the market today, in terms of both distribution uniformity and water usage. That makes Precision Series Spray Nozzles ideally suited for growing turf.

Use our Water Savings Calculator to estimate how much you could save by installing Precision Series Spray Nozzles in your irrigation system. For more information about Precision Series Spray Nozzles and other Toro WaterSmart irrigation solutions, contact your local Toro distributor or visit