Sustainable chemistry and biology for infiltration and transition

WaterSOLV Solutions (Curative and BC), 2½ years in the marketplace, have been referred to as break-through chemistry. Curative converts water hardness, bound-up scale and nutrition in soils, even mussel and snail shells into available nutrition as quazi acetates by ion exchange with bicarbonate. BC is an organically inhibited and catalyzed peroxide that breaks down slime; mitigating black, red and gray matter, while degrading to dissolved oxygen in the soil creating continuous chemical aerification. Both products, usually applied at 3-5 ppm continuously, also release chloride and render sodium inert. Across the western USA, in varying soils, waters, problems, environmental conditions; infiltration restored, growth vitality, nutrition and water use efficiency at lower costs. “It’s chemistry and biology, out of the box of conventional wisdom,” stated HCT’s CEO Todd Eden. “Our 60+ customers feedback; Best transition of my career – Foundational products – Haven’t had Fairy Ring, purchased sod or wetting agents in two years – That’s paint pigment flushing out of my greens – After 5 years, my trees are finally growing, literally blowing out of the ground.” Technology and client testimonial videos available online at Distributed by Simplot Partners and Wilbur Ellis.