Enhancements to Toro ProStripe 560 walk-behind

Toro announced a number of key enhancements to the Toro ProStripe 560 walk-behind mower and striping unit. Key enhancements include a commercial-grade Kawasaki four-cycle engine, the incorporation of a trim side for trimming around edges, and a larger capacity 0.45 gallon fuel tank for longer mowing sessions. The ProStripe 560 is ideal for achieving a premium, striped finish in prominent areas. Productivity is maximized with additional enhancements to the ProStripe 560, such as the high-capacity 21-gallon bagger, which optimizes airflow and collection capability. Other features include a ribbed, two-piece roller, which significantly improves maneuverability and minimizes turf marking when compared to single-piece roller configurations, and a groomer brush attachment that can be mounted to the front of the unit to promote healthier turf and a cleaner cut by reducing lateral blade growth and loosening surface debris.

Additionally, the integrated MatchCut functionality is beneficial when needing to mow at a consistent height using multiple machines across the same area. The MatchCut feature allows for easy adjustment between seven cutting heights, ranging from 0.5 inches to 2.6 inches in 0.29-inch increments and allows fine-tuning of the cutting height as well. Venues can chose the ideal height of cut for each application and adjust the three-speed transmission on the fly to accommodate a wide range of turf conditions and the personal mowing preferences of each operator.

“We’ve taken the trusted, proven ProStripe unit and added a number of features focused on productivity and control to make this machine a must-have for any operation that requires a pristine, expertly striped appearance,” said Jeff Drake, Toro marketing manager. “Whether it’s around the clubhouse, private properties, hotels or on a highly manicured soccer field, the ProStripe 560 leaves turf looking its absolute best.”

In terms of comfort and user-friendliness, each new ProStripe model is equipped with a full-width ergonomic handlebar, bail arm and easy-to-use Blade Brake Clutch (BBC) control. The new units also feature enhancements in the overall balance of the machine making it extremely simple to maneuver.

An integrated sail liner effectively manages dust and other debris, drafting it away from the operator and each unit comes equipped with a wash port to simplify cleaning of the deck and blades.

For more information on the enhanced ProStripe 560, please contact your local Toro distributor.