BRANDT partners with The Rose Bowl Stadium

After supplying fertilizer to the Rose Bowl Stadium for nearly two decades, BRANDT has entered into a marketing agreement with The Rose Bowl Stadium as its official fertilizer partner.

BRANDT’s premier fertilizer brand, GRIGG, has been used on the Rose Bowl Stadium field for more than 18 years. The field has been named the Best Looking Field in All of College Football and some of the key nutritional products used on the field include GRIGG’s Proven Foliar nutrient line and GreenSpec granular nutrient line. Both product lines are sophisticated, high quality nutrition blends that have been proven and tested through years of university field trials.

“It’s my job to give athletes and fans the very best playing field and experience possible. My number one priority is player safety and performance,” said Schnell. “I need high quality products that I know will perform consistently and help me achieve the turf playing surface I’m after. The reason I chose GRIGG is because the products are the most proven and tested.”

GRIGG has been a leader in science-based turf nutrition products since 1995. GRIGG products are used by many of the world’s most notable golf courses and stadiums because of their quality, performance and turf safety.

“We are honored to work with Will and the Rose Bowl Stadium,” said John Guglielmi, National Sales Director for BRANDT. “This partnership is an extension of a deep relationship and signifies our long-term commitment to the stadium. Will sets the bar as high as it can go when it comes to turf quality and we take great pride in being a trusted partner that helps the Rose Bowl team achieve its goals.”

BRANDT is a leading manufacturer of specialty crop inputs and plant nutrient technologies for the agriculture, turf and ornamental, and lawn and garden markets. The company’s three turf brands – GRIGG, BRANDT and BRANDT iHammer – are available through approved distributors throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

To learn more about our products or locate a U.S. distributor, download the BRANDT Turf Product Finder App on the Apple Store or Google Play.


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