Steiner introduces new model of 450 tractor

Steiner has unveiled its newest tractor model, the 450DX, with its 25-horsepower, air-cooled engine and single-speed transmission. The more accessible 450DX features the same oscillating frame, articulated steering, four-wheel drive and Quick Hitch attachment system available on all Steiner 450 tractors. All models of the Steiner 450 deliver excellent performance and control, even on slopes of up to 30 degrees (when equipped with dual tires on front and rear axles).

The 450 is truly an all-season machine, capable of handling a wide variety of attachments that will help users mow, blow, plow or dig all year long. The Quick-Hitch attachment system makes it easier than ever to switch between attachments, requiring just a few minutes and no tools. From snow blowing to lawn mowing, there’s virtually no downtime between tasks.

“We pride ourselves on the versatility of the 450 tractors, and now with more tractor options, our customers can find the perfect Steiner for their needs,” said Troy Blewett, director of marketing for Schiller Grounds Care, which owns Steiner. “The 450DX is a perfect option for our customers who don’t need top-tier power but desire the wide range of applications.”

Customers can also add accessories to their Steiner 450DX to meet their specific requirements. Popular accessories include hand controls, Level 2 suspension seat, dual wheel kit, and rear weight kit.

To learn more about the new Steiner 450DX tractor, visit the Steiner website.