TurfBreeze fans from SubAir Systems

Permanent and portable oscillating fans provide airflow to the surface of sports fields, promoting healthy turf through improved air circulation.

  • Alleviates heat-related stress.
  • Lowers the surface temperature of grass up to 10 degrees
  • Improves the quality of shaded grass
  • Removes excess surface moisture from grass
  • Integrate fan operation with irrigation control
  • Maintenance-free equipment
  • Pre-wired and pre-assembled
  • Gas and electric power control packages

According to SubAir Systems, the best fans in college football can be found at Bryant Denny Stadium (University of Alabama), Williams Brice Stadium (University of South Carolina), and Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium (University of Texas), to name a few.

Why those schools? Because every one of their stadiums uses SubAir’s TurfBreeze sports fans to keep the field conditions the best that they can be.

A turf fan reduces heat stress on natural turf and can increase grass transpiration, cooling the plant internally and keeping it healthier overall. TurfBreeze Sport fans can lower the surface temperature of grass up to 10 degrees, which lowers the soil temperature anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees and makes the players more comfortable.

Great fans circulate air and even promote turf health on shaded turf areas in a stadium, as many stadium designs unintentionally limit air circulation and shade turf. Fan placement generates preferred oscillation patterns and creates all-important air movement. This much-needed impact reduces humidity and decreases temperatures at field levels on both natural and synthetic turf.

What other stadiums are smart enough to use the best fans in college football? Turf Breeze fans may be found at Stanford University, the “U” (University of Miami) and its Hard Rock Stadium, and Neyland Stadium (University of Tennessee).

Every TurfBreeze Sports fan comes standard with oscillating assemblies, and power control packages. They’re also maintenance-free, pre-wired and pre-assembled. And TurfBreeze Sports aren’t just for game day stadiums. These portable fans allow multiple fields to be easily maintained, so even practice fields get the advantage, which is especially critical to many sports facilities’ managers and groundskeepers.

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