New turf adhesive from Synthetic Surfaces

NORDOT Adhesive #34R-4 (Super) was designed with two purposes in mind: 1) to replace hot melt adhesives used to install synthetic turf. It has significant advantages over hot melts, such as: less time, labor and equipment to install; won’t snap cure when it’s cold or take too long to set up on hot days; and fewer (if any) call-backs. The result is a faster, stronger, more durable and longer lasting installation, plus big savings and more profits. 2) As an outstanding repair and total glue-down adhesive because properly set seams stay put during installation. Other benefits of #34R-4(Super) include: it doesn’t allow turf to curl, slip, or creep open, even when windy; has excellent fresh and salt water resistance when submerged; withstands sudden and unexpected rain or snow during installation before it sets; and the owner can expect years of outstanding long-term exterior durability.

Nicknamed the “Killer Turf Adhesive”, NORDOT Adhesive #34R-4(Super) is a one-part, thixotropic, high green strength, low odor, solvent-based curing urethane. It is packaged in a five-gallon pail and has a light, mayonnaise-type consistency, is easy to apply (just open the pail and use) and holds trowel ridges, even on vertical surfaces. #34R-4 (Super) can be used for installations at any temperature the installer can work, from below freezing to intense desert heat. And, it meets SCAQMD Rule 1168 for outdoor use.

To learn more about NORDOT Adhesive #34R-4(Super) please visit the Synthetic Surfaces Inc. website at:, or call (908) 233-6803.