Wiedenmann USA Terra Spike XF

The Terra Spike XF deep aerifiers by Wiedenmann have revolutionized turf care and set new standards with regard to speed, productivity, depth, and hole quality.  The XF (eXtra Fast) is unique in that it can aerify at a depth of 8 ½ inches at the speed of a shallow aerifier.  The exclusive twin drive transmission can produce square hole spacing of 2½” and 5” with a forward travel speed of 1.2 and 2.4 mph respectively.  The quickset feature of the central depth adjustment and the central angle adjustment allows depth and angle adjustments to be performed on the fly, thus obtaining optimal aerification results.  The unique shock absorbing systems, VibraStop and PowerPack, remove any vibrations resulting from the high aerification speed.  The XF offers an optional hydraulic depth adjustment, windrow, rotary brush, and a variety of needle tine holders.  For more information, contact Wiedenmann North America at 912-790-3004 or visit us at www.wiedenmannusa.com