Routine maintenance on synthetic turf

Soccer season is still a few months away, but there has been some activity on the field at the Dr. Gehrig Johnson Athletic Complex.

Mark White: “What we are trying to do today is get some professional eyes on our fields. People who are installers and who are in the industry to look and see how we are doing after 11 years.”

Presque Isle (ME) has the only turf field north of Orono. The field is now 11 years old and normally a turf field has to be replaced after 10 to 15 years. White is hopeful that maintaining the field and doing routine maintenance will extend the life before it needs to be replaced. Houghton who is the Regional Director for field care for Field Turf says the maintenance includes several steps

Luke Houghton: “We are coming in and decompacting the infield which is your sand and rubber base. We are decompacting that and brushing, leveling and adding sand and rubber to high traffic areas. Penalty kick areas, face off areas, corner kick areas. When I say add materials we add sand and rubber to protect the fiber.”

Houghton and his crew also looked at the safety aspect of the field

Houghton: “We also offer G Max readings, if you don’t take care of the field you don’t decompact it and you have very high G Max readings that goes back to concussions and head injuries. Your G Max readings with the decompacting makes it more like a brand new field. Safety playability, longevity is what we are here for.”

Houghton and White agree that the goal of the maintenance is to extend the life of the field.

Houghton: “You are adding two three or years on the other end. Instead of replacing the field you are prolonging the life of the field.”

White: “The plan right now is to get on a maintenance program that is going to help us maintain what we have and protect our investment.