New degree program in agriculture in Colorado

Colorado State University (CSU) has teamed up with Adams State University to launch a new degree program in agriculture, which is designed to prepare students for careers on farms and ranches. In addition, students from the San Luis Valley area will be able to pursue the degree through Adams State University in their local region.

Courses in agriculture that are offered by CSU include soil and crop science, horticulture, water conservation and greenhouse management. General education requirements, as well as business and biology courses, will be offered to students at Adams State University.

“As the state’s land-grant university, Colorado State has a strong commitment to agricultural research and education focused on feeding our planet,” said Colorado State University President Tony Frank. “Adams State, with its rich regional university tradition, is located in one of the state’s most important agricultural regions. We’re enormously proud to bring these campuses together to leverage our strengths and provide the opportunity of agricultural education to a greater number of talented Colorado students.”

The degree program will combine face-to-face courses and online classes. Coursework from CSU will also transfer to Adams State University and go toward a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies: General Agriculture.

“Our new program will give students a well-built foundation in agricultural sciences,” said Adams State President Beverlee J. McClure.

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