Little Wonder Optimax blowers

Little Wonder, an industry leader in debris management, grounds maintenance and asphalt and paving site preparation equipment, introduces new accessories for its popular Optimax Blowers. The accessories — a tool holder, parking brake and solid front wheel — add convenience and safety as well as increase durability on challenging terrain.

The Optimax blower range, which includes eight self-propelled or push models, features an advanced impeller and aerodynamic design that results in 38 percent more air movement than competitive blowers. Air speeds range from 143 to 179 miles per hour.

“We feel these are the best-designed blowers in the world,” said Bruno Quanquin, Little Wonder vice president of sales and marketing. “The force of the airflow and the split stream design mean the Optimax blowers can move material faster and farther than alternative methods. It’s effective even in wet conditions.”

The Optimax blowers’ advanced, all-steel impeller design and reverse-angled, seven- blade fan provide maximum airflow. Plus, the scrolled, aerodynamic air inlet maintains constant power and doesn’t clog if leaves are drawn in. A large, square discharge chute rides just 2 inches off of the ground, resulting in better movement of standing water and stubborn debris.

Little Wonder uses an innovative split-stream air deflector on the 25-square-inch discharge chute, which eliminates blow-back and moves debris in one pass. The deflector can be controlled at the operator’s handle for seamless adjustment while on the go. Discharge air can be directed to the front or side of the unit to efficiently move debris where it’s needed to prepare asphalt or flat roofs for resurfacing or clear yards in the fall.

Self-propelled Optimax blowers move as fast as 4.1 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse for top productivity without fatigue. The cushioned-grip handle’s height can be adjusted on all models for user comfort and easy maneuverability.

The tires also contribute to user comfort. Tubed pneumatic tires on push models easily tackle curbs, patios and sidewalks while absorbing the bumps of the terrain. Self- propelled blowers incorporate large, 13-inch pneumatic rear turf tread tires for a wider stance and exceptional traction.

Little Wonder builds the blowers for optimal durability. The steel, single-piece deck and lower handle give a solid base that also protects the engine. A steel rear transport bracket and dual tie-down mounts welded to the top of the blower housing safeguard the machine during transport. Additionally, a convenient lift handle welded to the lower blower housing makes it easy to load and unload for transport.

Little Wonder offers a line of accessories to tailor Optimax blowers for its diverse range of customers and applications. A new 12-guage steel tool holder attaches to either side of the blower to hold a shovel or broom; two tool holders can be added for maximum productivity. A new parking brake kit also can be added to push models to secure both wheels, which reduces roll-offs on hills and enhances security during transportation. The brake can easily be engaged and disengaged by foot. Additionally, a new solid wheel option adds durability for applications in abrasive terrain. The 10.5-inch diameter wheel attaches quickly with the hardware already on the blowers.

Little Wonder also offers an optional, easy-to-install Swivel Wheel Kit that gives users the ability to make 360-degree turns while minimizing tire wear.

Little Wonder backs its Optimax blowers with a five-year warranty.