Turf Pride tow-behind sweeper

Turf Pride LLC has begun production of commercial Lawn Sweepers. Sweep-Rite is a tow behind sweeper available as a single unit or in gangs of three. Durable and robust, the Sweep-Rite can handle cleanup of leaves, debris, and grass clippings. Sweep Rite is the preferred sweeper in artificial turf maintenance.

“Along with the proven performance, durability and a great history, we are in a position to provide service parts for the now discontinued *Parker Sweeper” said Don Cotton, President of Turf Pride. Replacement parts are now available for the previous models of the *Suburbanite and *Estate Master, that were manufactured by *Parker and *Gravely.

*OEM names and models are used for descriptive purposes only; Turf Pride claims no association with them.
About Turf Pride

Turf Pride LLC manufactures products for the turfgrass professional. Turf Pride strives for excellence and ingenuity, providing innovative designs and engineering for turf equipment. The products include a line of deep tine aerators, core collectors, Trion Equipment Lifts, Roller Tamer, reel and bedknife sharpeners, dethatchers, bedknives, reels, rollers and replacement parts. For more information, visit www.turfprideusa.com