Rock removal to add $270K to high school stadium cost

Crews working to build the new stadium at Williamsville South High School will have to remove nearly twice as much rock from the site as originally thought because it sits atop an escarpment, district officials said.

“Initially, we did a lot of pre-testing, and we had an allowance for rock removal of 2,000 yards,” said Thomas Maturski, assistant superintendent for finance and management services. “We have now exceeded that, and we still have another about 1,500 yards to go.”

If that sounds like a lot of rock, it also means a lot of cash. The extra work is expected to add $270,000 to the $8.3 million project, Maturski said.

At Williamsville South, the district is adding one synthetic turf field and building a new stadium with bleacher capacity for 2,700 people.

Other enhancements include new track and field stations, scoreboard, sound system, ticket booth, security fencing and five new tennis courts.

The School Board is expected to vote on the change order next month.

“We do have the money in our budget,” Maturski said. “We have a 6 percent contingency, so that’s not a budgetary problem.”

District officials are working with the project’s construction manager and architects to see if they can reduce the amount of rock that needs to be excavated for the stadium.

“We do not want to slow down because they’re actually doing very well and they’re on schedule,” he said.

The Williamsville South project was approved by voters in May 2015.-Joseph Popiolkowski The Buffalo News