Three from Byrne & Jones Sports Division earn Certified Builder accreditation

Ben Traetow and David Baalman of Byrne & Jones Construction’s sports division have earned Certified Field Builder (CFB-S) accreditation. Tom Brockmann, also of Byrne & Jones Construction’s sports division, has earned Certified Track Builder (CTB) Byrne & Jones has installed more than 2,000 athletic surfaces in the Midwest, including artificial and natural turf fields for all types of sports as well as track and fields, tennis courts and associated site improvements.

CFB-S and CTB accreditations are awarded by the 52-year-old American Sports Builders Association and is given to those who have demonstrated a high level of expertise in synthetic turf field and running track construction.  Learn more at

Traetow has a degree in construction systems management from The Ohio State University.

Baalman has a degree in construction management from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville.

Brockmann has a degree in mechanical engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology.

Founded in 1976, Byrne & Jones Construction is a diversified St. Louis civil site contractor serving clients through six divisions – concrete, sports, asphalt, soil stabilization, marine and micro surfacing.   The firm builds and maintains parking lots, roads and highways, athletic fields, running tracks, tennis courts, underground drainage systems and paved surfaces and performs a variety of marine construction.  Learn more at