Phyllom BioProducts and Vestaron extend research collaboration

Phyllom BioProducts Corp. (Phyllom), the industry’s innovation leader in microbial insect control and Vestaron, Corp. the industry’s innovation leader in bio insecticides derived from venom peptides announced they will extend their research collaboration first announced in August of 2014. The global need for novel insect control solutions has grown more acute as traditional chemistries face ever increasing insect resistance and regulatory scrutiny. In addition, the cost to develop a traditional chemistry has exceeded $286 Million according to a study prepared by the firm, Phillips McDougal on behalf of the International Crop Life Association, Crop Life America and The European Crop Protection Association.

Phyllom and Vestaron separately launched EPA registered products onto the market for a fraction of the above costs. The companies expect that biopesticides derived from the collaboration will demonstrate performance advantages such as improved crop/plant/animal health and the control of difficult and resistant pests or disease vectors. In addition, the companies believe that customers will find that crops are easier to manage because of new products with shorter pre-harvest and worker re-entry intervals, application flexibility, worker safety and many other practical value added benefits for customers.

Phyllom’s natural protein is derived from a microbe naturally found in soils and on plants around the world called Bacillus thuringiensis (BT). Phyllom harnessed the power of a patented strain called BT galleriae with a patented natural Cry protein that is uniquely effective against beetles, weevils and borers including the difficult to control adult stage.

Vestaron’s technologies are based on powerful peptides derived from non-toxic components of the venoms of several different species. Vestaron’s products work differently from Phyllom’s proteins, and the two may exhibit synergistic interactions with each other.