Buy Sod to offer TifTuf bermudagrass

Adding yet another stellar addition to its lineup of outstanding turfgrass cultivars for turf managers and property owners seeking top-quality sod, Buy Sod, Inc., will begin offering TifTuf Certified Bermudagrass in spring 2017. The newest “Tif” release from the world-renowned University of Georgia bermudagrass breeding program, TifTuf provides unbeatable drought tolerance — it uses 38% less water than industry standard, Tifway, and it is significantly more drought tolerant than all other bermudagrasses.

“We so strongly believe in the sustainability characteristics of TifTuf bermudagrass that we have planted it across our entire production footprint and are reducing or eliminating the production of other varieties that require more water,” says Charles Harris, Buy Sod co-owner with David McCart and Clark Wooten. “In addition to its incredible drought tolerance, TifTuf is more aggressive than Tifway and provides superior wear and traffic tolerance, excellent cold tolerance, faster spring green-up and excellent fall color retention.”

TifTuf is licensed only to certified sod producers by The Turfgrass Group, based in Monroe, GA. Buy Sod, with its stringent growing protocols to ensure genetic purity, is one of the first sod growers to be licensed to produce TifTuf.

“TifTuf will pay for itself in water savings, but more importantly it will help create sustainable landscapes, golf courses and athletic fields in the future,” says Harris. “We think it will soon become the ultimate must-have grass for municipalities that are concerned about water use. This is a breakthrough product for our industry.”

About Buy Sod, Inc.

Founded in 2002, Buy Sod offers 19 proven turfgrass cultivars — both warm-season and cool-season varieties — from the company’s 9 sod farms spanning North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. The company’s extensive turfgrass roster includes traditional cultivars for turf managers and homeowners wishing to stick to the tried-and-true, as well as newer next-generation grasses, for those seeking improved performance and aesthetic characteristics. Each of Buy Sod’s branded, high-performance varieties has been thoroughly tested in research trials, with proven qualities that deliver dependable results. And all of the company’s cultivars are grown under rigorous certification protocols, ensuring genetic purity and integrity.

Buy Sod grows and sells the following turfgrasses: TifTuf, TifGrand, TifSport, Celebration, TifSport, Tifway and T10 bermudagrasses; Zeon, Empire, El Toro and Meyer zoysiagrasses; TifBlair centipedegrass; Raleigh St. Augustinegrass; SeaStar paspalum; Tournament bluegrass; Fescue/bluegrass blends; and creeping bentgrass and Champion Dwarf bermudagrass for putting greens.

TifTuf Certified Bermudagrass is not only exceptionally drought tolerant, but also it provides superior wear and traffic tolerance, excellent cold tolerance, faster spring green-up and excellent fall color retention.