New controlled-release fertilizer in gold leaf color

The Florikote brand of controlled-release fertilizer products is changing its name to GAL-XeONE. Florikote products will also transition from the current black color to a gold-leaf tone as part of the J.R. Simplot family of brands. Customers can expect the same reliability, performance, longevity, and safety from GAL-XeONE that they’re accustomed to from Florikote. During the transition period this summer, customers may see products from our distributors that are either black or gold.

The GAL-XeONE polymer coating effectively controls nutrient release during an extended period of time, giving growers predictable release of plant nutrients throughout the growing cycle. It was developed with the assistance of NASA’s Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP).

Florida-based Florikan patented and brought the award-winning Florikote to the market. The product’s success led to a strategic partnership and technology transfer with the J.R. Simplot Company and the addition of Simplot’s Lathrop, Calif., production facility to Florikan’s existing new Florida facility to meet market demand for this unique product.

GAL-XeONE provides effective controlled-release fertilizers for all market sectors, including horticultural, specialty agricultural, golf, turf and professional landscape applications.