Honoring Leo Goertz

The Foundation for Safer Athletic Fields for Everyone (SAFE) is recognizing Leo Goertz, a former Trustee of the SAFE Board who died in 2015, through a named grant.

The Leo Goertz Membership Grant will be awarded annually to seven individuals. Each grant recipient will receive a two-year membership in STMA. Recipients will also be eligible to take advantage of STMA’s complimentary conference registration for new members.

The details of how to apply are being developed by the STMA Scholarship Committee with the intent to select the winners this year to receive the grant for the 2017-2018 membership years.

General criteria to apply include:

  • be a Sports turf manager or member of a crew managing sports fields
  • be an active local chapter member or strong contributor within his/her community
  • not have been an STMA national member for five years
  • infrequently or has never attended the national STMA Conference
  • can be self nominated or nominated by a fellow employee or any STMA member

Pioneer Athletics is the exclusive sponsor of these grants through a 10-year funding commitment.

Leo served on the SAFE Board of Trustees from 2006 – 2011. After his board service, he stayed actively involved with SAFE through helping with its fundraising events. He joined STMA in 1988. Leo was awarded one of STMA’s highest honors in 2010, the Harry C. Gill Founders Award. This award was established to honor an individual for their hard work in the sports turf industry and to acknowledge their dedication to STMA. The 2009 winner, Tom Burns, presented the award to Leo at the STMA Annual Awards Banquet. During his presentation, he said that Leo’s legacy lies with those he has mentored and helped along the way during his 30 plus years in this business. Many of his employees have gone on to become very successful sports field managers at other facilities. His biggest contribution to the industry and to the association is in his ability to ‘give back’. Through this grant, Leo continues to ‘give back’.