World’s first 14-ft wide rotary mower

Jacobsen has launched the all-new HR700 wide-area rotary mower. Featuring an industry-first 14-foot wide cutting width, the HR700 has the ability to cut up to 25% more grass than traditional 11-foot rotary mowers.

“The HR700 is distinctly different than any other wide-area rotary on the market because of its unique size,” said Ben Bruce, Product Manager for Jacobsen. “It combines the maneuverability and agility of a smaller mower with a massively productive 14-foot cutting width, allowing turf managers of sports fields, parks and green spaces, golf courses, schools, airports and commercial grounds to mow up to 13 acres an hour.”

Built on an extremely nimble platform, the HR700 delivers a zero-uncut circle and easily maneuvers around obstacles. And with a transport width within the front deck, the HR700 mower will go places others simply can’t go.

A host of other features puts the HR700 in a class all by itself. New SureStrength decks constructed with high-strength, high-performance steel deliver greater durability in a lighter, more sustainable design. Q AMP™ variable rate steering provides optimal response to operator input to mow effortlessly around obstacles. In addition, a new AdaptiCut system automatically adjusts mow speed to ensure consistent cut performance, even through the thickest grass.

Jacobsen engineers also designed in several features that make the HR700 very easy to maintain and operate. Individual hydraulic deck motors with self-lubricating integral bearings deliver cutting power to each blade and require no maintenance. The new mower also features an iso-mounted operator platform, full suspension seat and cruise control for unparalleled operator comfort and superior productivity.

Another unique element of the HR700 is that the mower’s optional cab was integrated into the machine’s original design, providing an optimal fit and finish.

The HR700 is the first of a series of new rotary mowers from Jacobsen, all built on a common platform.

“When fully launched, the new HR series platform will consist of 11, 14 and 16-foot width of cut variations that will serve a wide range of applications and productivity requirements,” said Bruce. “By utilizing a high percentage of common components and functionality, customers will benefit from being able to go from one model to the next for ease of operation and routine maintenance practices.”

Later this year, Jacobsen will introduce the HR600 11-foot rotary mower and the HR800 16-foot rotary mower.

“We are extremely excited about the new HR700 and the new family of rotary mowers,” said David Withers, President of Jacobsen. “As the world’s first and only 14-foot mower, there’s simply nothing else like the HR700 on the market today. By adding three feet of cutting width to the traditional 11-foot mower, you’re essentially giving turf managers the ability to cut nearly three more acres every hour. When you look at that over the course of a day’s or a week’s time, the time and labor savings are significant.”