Toro announces new parts rewards program

In an effort to reward turf managers for their parts purchases and to do more with their budgets, Toro is now offering the Toro Loyalty Credits (TLC™) parts rewards program.

New for 2016, the program features an easy to use, streamlined process for enrollment and provides access to an expanded listed of qualifying Toro genuine parts. There is no need for a website login or membership card. Eligible users simply enroll in the free program and automatically accumulate points for every qualifying parts purchase made throughout the year. The new loyalty program also now includes more mower parts equipment categories than ever before, such as bedknives, bearings, belts, filters, tines, tires, MVP Kits, blades and reels.

The TLC program allows Toro golf and grounds customers to reinvest reward credits directly back into their business. Each October, program participants will receive an annual credit at their Toro distributor to use in purchasing necessary parts, training, or myTurf® subscriptions and hardware.

“While operational costs may be rising for some, budgets often don’t, so we want to make sure that we’re offering the tools for turf managers to reinvest in their business,” says Grant Adams, Marketing Manager at The Toro Company. “We’ve really taken the hassle factor out of the entire process and have made it extremely easy for our customers take advantage of our rewards program.”

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