Clemson trio write book on applying soil physics

A trio of Clemson University employees with over 90 combined years in soil science teaching, research, and demonstration recently released the book, Applied Soil Physical Properties, Drainage, and Irrigation Strategies – A Practical Guide. Bert McCarty, PhD; L. Ray Hubbard, Jr., PhD, PE; and, Virgil Quisenberry, PhD, explained the book’s goal was to demystify the complicated math used in many of the soil physics formulas and to concentrate on the applications of these. The authors focused on actual field and laboratory situations with numerous examples of how practitioners can successfully use the information covered in the book. It is available through Springer International Publishing, Switzerland at

Four chapters covered: (1) Soil Physical Properties; (2) Soil Drainage; (3) Rootzone Selection and Modifications, and (4) Water Management and Conservation. Chapter one covers the basics of soil physical properties which will be applied in subsequent chapters. Chapter two covers the principles and practices of necessary calculations when determining appropriate and sufficient drainage for a particular situation and site. Chapter three covers the science of determining an appropriate rootzone profile for playability and sufficient drainage while Chapter four covers irrigation practices to maximize water management and conservation.