Global Syn-Turf introduces 3D Grass fiber technology

Global Syn-Turf, Inc, has introduced a new, unprecedented fiber technology. The 3D Grass, using monofilament fiber, offers supreme thickness, 360 microns, and has shown advanced durability and supreme resilience, combined with softness and natural look of real grass. “In essence, the new 3D Grass sets a new standard for synthetic turf landscapes, sports fields, eco-friendly lifestyle with a shared vision of sustainability,” said Rachel Brady, Sales and Marketing Manager of Global Syn-Turf, Inc.

The 3D grass is the result of years of research and work by Global Syn-Turf. A monofilament fiber’s thickness, measured in microns, plays a major role in determining the durability of artificial grass, or wear and tear resistance of the surface. 3D grass fiber is unique and offers an unprecedented thickness of 360 microns. Most artificial grass on the market today is only 100 to 200 microns thick. 3D Grass has been specifically designed to withstand intense use while retaining the soft touch and performance. 3D Grass fiber is the thickest and far more resistant to constant wear than any other grass fiber available today.

“We are thrilled to be representing a product that fits needs of American residents,” said Ms. Brady. “I have watched Global Syn-Turf grow tremendously over the past six years, and it’s exciting to see a new technology that exceeds expectations when it comes to artificial grass industry.”

The 3D grass is developed as the new standard in the high-quality synthetic grass. It is made from a very thick and durable fiber, yet retains soft-touch quality to support comfort and safety.

“In times when the environmental concerns rise rapidly, and the net damage costs of climate change are significant and predicted to increase over time, artificial grass landscaping provides benefits of water conservation and toxins reduction in the underground water,” -said Ms. Brady. “Changing lawns, playground and sports fields to a drought-tolerant landscape is the big step toward global warming survival.”

The 3D grass polyethylene’s fibers create grass retention, and excellent resilience similar to natural grass. Unique technology creates an effect of yarn “memory” and allows the turf to bounce back after use. High fiber content with a multi-colored thatch made from a curled monofilament, provides a plush, super-realistic, natural appearance. The 3D grass’ highly permeable backing allows water and liquids to drain into the blended rock base below the synthetic turf keeping odor and bacteria off the surface.