Donate in honor of the late Leo Goertz

Texas A&M field manager Leo Goertz passed away December 7 and several organizations have stepped forward to continue his legacy. Donations in honor Leo Goertz can be made to the American Heart Association at this link;jsessionid=568FB34B2D32D0246E6D0196C0CC582C.app245a?pg=fund&fr_id=1030&pxfid=282299

Goertz was a key member of the SportsTurf Managers Association. The SAFE Foundation is STMA’s charity that was founded in 2000. It annually awards scholarships and grants to bright and deserving STMA-member students and practitioners. Its mission is To enrich communities through championing safe, sustainable sports and recreation fields for all athletes. SAFE also conducts educational outreach and has recently produced five safety videos for parents, volunteers and young athletes on how to evaluate field surface safety. In 2016, donations will help it to expand to hands-on field safety training for non-sports turf managers.

Leo was a member of SAFE’s Board of Trustees from 2006 – 2011. He gave much time and energy to fundraising efforts for SAFE, even prior to the formation of the foundation.  He continued this dedication after he rotated off of the Board. He was instrumental in insuring a successful silent auction each year, which is held at STMA’s annual conference.

Send donations to:

The SAFE Foundation

PO Box 411172

Kansas City, MO  64141-1172

They can either, in the memo section or on a separate piece of paper, let us know that their donation is in memory of Leo Goertz.

The Texas SportsTurf Managers Association has established a scholarship to honor Leo and friends may go to the organizations’ website to make a donation.

Additional information regarding a memorial service will be available soon but expect it to be between Jan. 8-11.