All-New Dual-Stage Machines Incorporate Technologically Advanced Design, Innovative Features

Honda introduces HSS series snow blowers

Honda Power Equipment introduced its all-new HSS Series of premium snow blowers for North American and European markets. Designed with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and ease of use, the new HSS724A, HSS928A and HSS1332A two-stage models deliver superior performance and enhanced control and handling for both residential and commercial users.

The all-new HSS Series products are being manufactured domestically at Honda Power Equipment Mfg., Inc. (HPE) in Swepsonville, NC, using domestic and globally sourced parts, allowing for increased flexibility to meet customer demand. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in North Carolina and Honda R&D Co., Ltd., in Japan collaborated to design and develop the all-new HSS snow blowers, integrating a host of innovative design elements that contribute to simplicity of operation, superior snow removal and exceptional quality—all with a central focus on performance that delivers.

Ten all-new U.S. HSS snow blower models, each equipped with dramatic enhancements, are replacing the existing HS Series snow blower model counterparts. Key features include:

  • Finger Tip Steering Control – conveniently located hand lever controls allows for easy maneuvering, and disengagement of transmission for easy movement when not powered (all models)
  • Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) – far superior than traditional disk drive; provides single-lever variable speed control when operating in forward or reverse (all models)
  • Joystick Electric Chute Control – single joystick control (4-directions) provides precision
    control of chute rotation and discharge angle; directly powered by the engine’s power coil; no battery required (all models)
  • DC Electric Start – no extension cord necessary; easy starting with the on-board battery, which is automatically charged by the engine (all electric start models)
  • Blower Diameter Increased – for increased snow removal speed and discharge distance
  • HSS724A increased from 252 to 300 mm (11.8 inches) over previous model
  • HSS928A increased from 300 to 340 mm (13.4 inches) over previous model
  • HSS1332A increased from 300 to 340 mm (13.4 inches) over previous model
  • Chamfered Scraper Bar – design allows for edge of scraper to hit snow and ice patches flush and evenly for improved snow clearing to the pavement (all models)
  • LED Headlight – integrated into cover for improved night visibility; brighter, long lasting, and never burns out (all models)
  • Auger Height Lever – adjustable gas strut to raise/lower and position the entire auger housing precisely, providing prefect ground clearance over gravel or non-smooth surfaces. (all track models)
  • Wheel Diameter – increased to 14” diameter with directional tread for more ground contact and improved traction (all wheel models)
  • Oil Drain location – improved for easier access (all models)
  • Offset Blower Shear Bolt – unique design that provides for quick replacement and protects both auger and blower from damage (all models)
  • Auger Protection System – protects the shear bolts (HSS1332 models only)
  • Hour Meter – monitors hours of operation (HSS1332 models only)
  • Precision Deflector Chute – double-articulated deflector improves distance accuracy control (HSS1332AATD model only)
  • Impeller Shield – optimized to more efficiently direct snow into the blower (all models)
  • Reversible Skid Shoes – increased durability, offering twice the wear surface (all models)
  • 3-Year Commercial and Residential Warranty (all HSS models)


When it comes to snow throwing distance, the all-new Honda HSS snow blowers boast superior performance. Lightweight, right-sized GX engines, providing reliable power and quick starts, a pulley size optimized for top speed of the impeller, and an impeller wing positioned at 90 degrees for increased efficiency all work to contribute to increased snow throwing capability for each model.

At the heart of every Honda snow thrower is a world-renowned, easy-starting engine that delivers smooth, quiet, reliable 4-stroke power and low emission levels. The new HSS724A, HSS928A, and HSS1332A models are powered by Honda GX Series Engines—the 200cc GX200 overhead valve (OHV) engine, the 270cc GX270 OHV engine, and 390cc GX390 OHV engine respectively. The mid-sized GX200 model is a single-cylinder, horizontal-shaft engine equipped with a number of design enhancements, including a new carburetor chamber coating; an improved recoil rope design; and an added carburetor filter—all of which help improve its fuel efficiency, reliability and durability. Larger GX270 and GX390 engines feature a rugged OHV design, an advanced combustion chamber design, variable ignition timing, and an increased compression ratio—all working to ensure a high level of durability and reliability, increased power output, and fuel efficiency. In addition, the new HSS724AWD, HSS724ATD, HSS928AWD, HSS928ATD, and HSS1332ATD models incorporate an on-board battery for electric start capability.

The new Honda HSS snow blowers have a standard three-year warranty for residential and commercial use, and all models meet all current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission standards. These new snow throwers will be available nationally through Honda Power Equipment dealers starting September 1, 2015.