Coming into ideal timing for grub control

Professor Kyle Wickings, Soil Insect Ecologist in the Cornell University Turfgrass Program reports Japanese beetles are active upstate along with high populations of European chafer and Oriental beetle that have been active for 2-3 weeks now. Practically speaking, a turf manager would still be fine putting out a Merit (imidacloprid), Acelepryn (Chlorantraniliprole) or Ference (Cyantraniliprole) application now for grub control. In areas that they intend to treat, they should get on it. In all other areas, or if they cannot use pesticides (e.g. school grounds), they should wait until third week of August and sample for grubs. At that time if they find high populations, they could make an application of nematodes or request an emergency application (for schools and daycares).—from shortCUTTS, Dr. Frank Rossi’s blog