Aquatrols seed technology has 18-month shelf life

Aquatrols Corporation of America announced that its Seed Enhancement Technology has surpassed the 18-month shelf life milestone with no negative effects on seed germination rates.

Aquatrols’ Research and Development staff is conducting ongoing research on the surfactant seed coatings at its Paulsboro, NJ headquarters. Previously, a 9-month shelf life study conducted by the Sports Turf Research Institute in the United Kingdom showed no negative effects from the seed coatings.

This is a significant step toward commercialization of this novel seed coating technology, which has proven to increase germination and establishment rates for a variety of seeds growing in water repellent soils.

“Shelf life is always one of the major concerns for seed companies. The fact that we are seeing no negative effects 18 months into testing is very encouraging. This means that our coated seeds will be viable in the bag for at least two growing seasons,” said Aquatrols Field Agronomist Mica McMillan.

Dan Macias, Project Leader for Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology, echoed Mica’s enthusiasm. “Retail seed packagers are looking for products that will last in the bag. Our testing shows that we have that,” he said.

In-house analysis will continue at Aquatrols headquarters with germination rates tested once more