Hunter’s synthetic turf irrigation system

Hunter Industries has released its new STK-6V synthetic turf irrigation system to clean and cool synthetic sports turf. The shorter vault design provides a connection to the mainline at approximately 24”-30” deep, a much more manageable depth for installation with less digging required. In the new model, the rotor hangs from an adjustable bracket within the vault for precise adjustment to meet grade, and adjustable stands support the manifold, eliminating the need to backfill the vault with gravel for support.

The STK-6V includes a new three-inch galvanized ductile iron assembly with heavy-duty grooved fittings for ease of servicing. The isolation valve and point of connection for the quick coupler are now inside the vault and provided with the field-installed assembly, for a total top service solution. The vault also includes a drain valve for easier servicing and winterization.

Hunter Industries