Monument: control of winter weeds

Monument herbicide is an excellent choice for post-emergence control of winter annual weeds such as henbit, chickweed, wild garlic, parsley piert, rescuegrass and Poa annua in bermudagrass and zoysiagrass sports fields. With both foliar and soil activity, Monument is less temperature-dependent than other herbicides for quicker control of winter weeds. Monument can also be tank-mixed with Barricade herbicide on non-overseeded bermudagrass from mid-October to mid-November for pre- and early post-emergent control of Poa annua and rescuegrass.

A 5-gram packet of Monument is available for broadcast applications. Five individual 5-gram packets are contained in the 25-gram labeled package, which offer greater value to you when treating areas larger than 2,000 ft2.

For backpack spot applications, Monument is available in single-dose 0.5-gram packs. Syngenta supports a FIFRA Section 2(ee) recommendation* for a use rate of 0.5-grams per two gallons of water to treat up to 2,000 ft2. You can view the Section 2(ee) recommendation to confirm it applies to your state by visiting

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*Syngenta supports a FIFRA Section 2(ee) recommendation for use of Monument 0.5-gram packs for a use rate of 0.5-grams per 2,000 ft2. Please see the Section 2(ee) recommendation to confirm that the recommendation is applicable in your state.