Netafim USA has introduced a new line of intuitive, web-based, smart controllers, developed exclusively for Netafim by Tucor.

Netafim USA unveils new smart irrigation controllers

Netafim USA has introduced a new line of intuitive, web-based, smart controllers, developed exclusively for Netafim by Tucor, the Netafim Landscape Controllers (NLC) are powerful, multi-function landscape controllers expressly designed to maximize the water efficiency of any landscape, while reducing the time, labor and costs incurred when expanding a system into new areas of the landscape.

Setting a new precedent for landscape water-use efficiency, the NLC controllers determine the unique watering needs of a specific landscape by incorporating both historical and current weather data as well as real-time data from soil moisture sensors that monitor the amount of moisture available to plants in each zone. 

Putting the industry’s most advanced monitoring and water-saving technology right at the fingertips of irrigation and landscape professionals, the NLC series of irrigation controllers offers an advanced suite of water-management features that include: intuitive programming for retrofit and expansion, remote management capabilities that allow professionals to adjust programming and review schedules of multiple sites from any internet-ready device, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with Netafim’s Total Cycle Management, the most advanced soil and climate monitoring system available.

“Most weather-based smart controllers are limited in that they determine a landscape’s watering needs based on conditions above the soil, without any insight as to what is happening at the root-zone, where it matters most,” said Mauricio Troche, director of landscape, Netafim USA. “The NLC controllers incorporate data from both above and below the soil surface to create an ongoing dialog between the controller, climate and landscape, ensuring that the landscape is receiving the precise quantity of water needed for healthy plant growth.  When paired with a Netafim drip irrigation system, the water savings is unmatched.”

Developed for use in a variety of configurations from basic residential systems to large-scale commercial applications, the conventional (NLC-100S Conventional) converts a conventional system to a water-efficient remote management system, while the 2-wire decoder-based (NLC-100D Decoder) can control up to 100 stations with wire runs of up to 16,000’.  The Hybrid (NLC-100S Hybrid) model combines the advantages of a conventional and decoder system, allowing retrofitting of an existing controller and the addition of multiple valves to an existing system without the need for additional labor or cost intensive rewiring and retrenching.  Netafim also announced the release of its NLC-3D module, an innovative ‘plug and play’ interface that converts any conventional controller into an infinitely scalable, 2‑wire decoder–based controller that uses existing wiring. 

“The addition of the hybrid controllers, as well as the NLC-3D module, allows contractors to easily add zones or flow sensing equipment without rewiring the entire system, saving time and costs on the job site when installing or expanding today’s modern landscapes,” added Troche. “By adding the NLC controllers to an already expansive product offering that includes everything from Techline® tubing to filters, regulators, valves, and meters, landscape designers, contractors and end-users are now able to reap the full water, time and labor saving benefits of a complete Netafim irrigation system.”

For more information on Netafim’s line of NLC Landscape Controllers, Total Cycle Management, or the company’s industry leading drip irrigation products please visit, or contact a local Netafim distributor.