When MetLife Stadium decided to replace their artificial turf system in 2013, they knew that the 2014 Super Bowl, the first Super Bowl to be played in a northern, outdoor stadium, would be decided on the new surface. In the summer of 2013, after months of diligent research, they decided on a UBU Sports’ Speed Series S5-M synthetic turf playing surface — the same synthetic playing surface chosen by the Super Dome for their 2013 season and Super Bowl XLVII. This field features the Removable Active Panel sytem, which allows the end zones to be changed from the NY Jets‘ logo to the NY Giants’ logo in under 12 hours.

When asked why so many NFL teams are switching to a UBU Sports’ synthetic turf system, Mark Nicholls, CEO of UBU Sports, said, “NFL facilities are the finest in the world and they take the selection of the playing surface very seriously. The NFL coaches and players are often directly involved in the decision making process. They understand that a professional football field is athletic equipment — that it is ground gear for athletes — and the right field will deliver the best performance and safety for the athletes. We’re delighted to be able to produce a field that meets their expectations.”

There’s more to providing a top-quality professional football field than simply supplying the surface itself. Installing and tuning the surface to the firmness expected by the coaches and athletes takes the work of experienced craftsmen. Mark Hill, Director of Quality Assurance for UBU Sports, explained the UBU Sports’ advantage, “Our network of experienced turf installers is next to none. Our team has more legacy installers — people who have worked in turf since it was first introduced — than any other company in our industry.”

UBU Sports is a leading brand of synthetic turf surfaces for use in a variety of sporting events, including football, baseball, field hockey, soccer, rugby, and lacrosse. UBU Sports’ fields serve as ground gear for teams ranging from professional franchises (e.g. New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, New York Giants and New York Jets), collegiate, and major indoor arena leagues to local high schools and municipalities. UBU Sports incorporates science and technology into each surface they provide, creating the ultimate ground gear for athletes.

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