Act Global, a worldwide synthetic turf manufacturer, has successfully completed an independent, third-party audit to be recertified for international quality standards set forth by ISO 9001. The company passed with an impeccable report and zero compliance issues.

ISO 9001 is a world-recognized standard for quality management, focused on all areas of business including facilities, people, product quality, training processes and customer service.

“For a company to truly achieve a culture of quality, it takes team members with skill, commitment and passion to make it happen,” said Fred Gregg, quality manager of Act Global. “Act Global management and staff have defined key processes and responsibilities to demonstrate our focus on quality, customers, efficiency, technology and continual improvement.”

Gregg emphasized that adhering to ISO 9001 methodology helps ensure that customers get consistent, high-quality products and services.

“By implementing quality standards and checks in each phase of production, Act Global can reliably deliver a high-quality synthetic turf system to every customer,” said Gregg.

During the manufacturing phases, the Act Global quality program focuses on problem prevention in addition to problem detection. The company completes quality checks at every stage of production, including a final visual inspection of the artificial turf to verify consistency and quality. Act Global also retains samples of all products that are shipped to the job site for future testing and comparison with field performance.

Act Global adheres to a total quality management approach, including each of the following phases:

     Research and development
     Product design and testing
     Employee training and procedures
     Manufacturing processes which focuses on prevention
     Strict sourcing of quality raw materials
     Processes to detect, record and resolve any product quality matters
     Sample retention
     Final pre-shipment inspection
     Installation workmanship
     Post-installation maintenance

Act Global is a Certified Synthetic Turf Council Manufacturer, FIFA Preferred Producer for Football Turf and has synthetic turf installations in over 70 countries around the world. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with a USA manufacturing facility in Calhoun, Georgia.


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