Multi-function hydrometers monitor water use and flow rates

Netafim USA now features multi-function hydrometers, water-saving devices that monitor irrigation flow rates and usage on commercial and institutional sites. The hydrometers provide visible, real-time data to help landscape managers evaluate water consumption on a daily basis.

The versatile device features four functions: built-in master valve, water meter, flow sensor and pressure regulating valve. Hydrometers can be utilized in either dripline or overhead irrigation systems and are compatible with controllers from most major manufacturers.

As more municipalities focus on water conservation, hydrometers have become practical tools in monitoring day-to-day water use.

The product’s globe-shaped master valve has a double chamber that provides positive openings and closings. It can function as a remote master valve for automated operation.

A visible water meter, placed on top of the valve, communicates directly with the irrigation controller and records water flow in real time.

This sub-meter, dedicated to landscape irrigation, looks and operates like a mini-household meter and has encapsulated registers to prevent fogging.

An integrated flow sensor monitors water movement and is useful in gauging low or high flows that may be caused by broken lines or heads. It can shut down the system if necessary.  A built-in pressure-regulating valve protects the system from excess pressure.

The Netafim hydrometer also features an exclusive “straightening vane” that minimizes concern about water turbulence. The vane straightens water flow and results in uniform movement, which can be read more accurately by the flow sensor. The vane also allows a direct connection anywhere in the system, even at a 90° elbow in a small space. It eliminates the need for extra space before and after the hydrometer, often necessary with other flow sensors.

Netafim hydrometers are constructed from cast iron and have a corrosion-resistant polyester coating, Models are available in six sizes: 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” and operate from 1.8 GPM to 1,500 GPM. They can be installed in both new sites and retrofits.