Both companies will continue to operate independently with existing management in place, thereby requiring no change in customer relationships as it would pertain to the ongoing conduct of business.

Midwest Rake buys Seymour Manufacturing

Midwest Rake Company LLC, located in Warsaw, IN has purchased Seymour Manufacturing Co. Inc., headquartered in Seymour, IN. The effective date of the acquisition was September 28, 2012. Both companies are tool manufacturers, serving multiple markets both domestically and internationally, with an exceptional range of products.

Both companies will continue to operate independently with existing management in place; thereby requiring no change in customer relationships as it would pertain to the ongoing conduct of business. At the same time, the combined breadth and diversity of the product lines and the shared record of customer focus and integrity which underscores the reputations of both companies will translate into many meaningful opportunities for our customers. To better acquaint you with the two companies, the following profiles are provided.

Midwest Rake Company is a 22-year-old family owned and operated manufacturer and supplier of longhandled tools used in a variety of markets and work environments. Midwest Rake products are sold and in use domestically and internationally, under the Midwest Rake, Kenyon, Northstar and Toolite labels.

Midwest Rake is also known for its OEM and private label capabilities. Many of Midwest Rake’s products are crafted in Indiana, with the company placing great importance on quality, creativity and service.

Seymour Manufacturing began its history in Seymour, Indiana in 1872, 3 years before the first telephone, as a manufacturer of wagon wheel spokes. Purchased by Semple and Birge Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Missouri in 1875, Seymour has remained in the Birge family since that time. During the middle of the last century, Seymour established its reputation of providing the market with high quality digging tools and snaths. Under the leadership of Berl Grant, the Company embarked on a program of product line expansion that included the acquisition of Structron and its line of fiberglass handled tools in 1995, and more recently,

O.P. Link, Inc. and its replacement handle business. Today, Seymour sells over 2400 different lawn & garden tools, fireplace equipment and accessories. Seymour will continue to operate in Seymour, Indiana and all 3 Tennessee locations.

Clifford Birge, Chairman of the Board and representing the Birge family, states, “The Birge Family is delighted to announce the union of Seymour Manufacturing Co. and Midwest Rake, two like-minded family owned companies, with a tradition of integrity, quality, and service to their valued customers. We feel secure in our knowledge that our 140 year legacy will not only be preserved, but enhanced by the combined resources of the two companies.

Bill Henthorn, President and CEO of Midwest Rake Company, states “Both Midwest Rake and Seymour are healthy and progressive companies. We have great respect for the 140 year history of Seymour, the commitment to quality and integrity which underscores the Seymour heritage, and for the dedication and skills of Seymour employees in satisfying the needs of the customer. We are committed to protecting and building upon the many strengths of Seymour, with customer satisfaction being our top priority. We look forward to working with our employees, business partners and customers alike as we begin this new and exciting era.”

Customers of both Seymour and Midwest Rake can look forward to uninterrupted service, a greatly expanded product line made up of many “truly” American-made products, the perpetuation of the Seymour name, legacy and labels and an unwavering commitment to first class service and total quality management.

As many operational elements of both companies are responsibly integrated, the combined entity will provide greater opportunities for growth and efficiencies to enable us to better serve an increasing number of business partners and markets; thereby enhancing our competitive position within the same.