TerraMax uses a formulation technology for bacteria, chiefly the bacterial Azospirillum. Azospirillum works as a nitrogen "fixer," harvesting nitrogen from the air and soil and delivering it to the plant.

TerraMax improves root structure

Whether it’s found on a golf course, a soccer field, or a sod farm, growing and maintaining turf brings a unique set of challenges to those tasked with managing grounds and sod.  With a wide variety of both chemical and natural inputs available, finding the right fit for the right turf can be a challenge. 

For producers who want to reduce their chemical inputs and see stronger root systems and hardier turf, TerraMax, a developer and distributer of natural microbial products, uses an industry-leading formulation technology for bacteria, chiefly the bacterial Azospirillum.  Azospirillum works as a nitrogen “fixer,” harvesting nitrogen from the air and soil and delivering it to the plant.  TerraMax has spent years conducting product research and development and its products have a proven track record for improving root structure year after year – especially important in helping create hardy plants that can better resist changing weather conditions and the daily wear and tear experienced by turf surfaces.  And by fixing nitrogen from the natural environment, users may decrease their usage of traditional nitrogen fertilizers, saving time and money. 

In both field and university tests, TerraMax products are proven to produce greater root mass and increase root weight.  One study showed an almost 75 percent increase in Kentucky Bluegrass root volume six weeks after planting.

TerraMax experts are available for interviews, commentary or bylined articles on the following:

·         How Azospirillum is being used today to reduce chemical inputs and increase turf quality

·         Biotechnology and biological seed treatments

·         Input efficiencies/sustainable inputs

·         Non-conventional methods


TerraMax, Inc.

Founded in 1998 by two scientists, TerraMax develops and distributes natural microbial products designed to increase yields of agricultural crops and improve root structure and appearance of turf while minimizing the use of petrochemical and mined fertilizers.  Relying chiefly on the bacteria Azospirillum, TerraMax’s family of products are applied either as a powder or a liquid to seeds, crops, lawns and turf to naturally promote plant growth by capturing nitrogen.  Through scientifically developed technologies, TerraMax creates and produces innovative natural products that enhance productivity and benefit producers, consumers and the environment.