New grass seed on the market

The new Cutting Edge Grass Seed allows everyone to grow an award-winning lawn with little maintenance required. The revolutionary low maintenance grass seed blend of beautiful Kentucky bluegrass and other top rated seed cultivars can establish a deep root system up to 48 inches, resulting in a durable, drought-tolerant, disease and insect resistant lawn. Each of the 8 cultivars are top-rated by the National Turf Evaluation Program. It will grow to a dwarf height, requiring mowing 2-4 times per year to maintain a manicured look. It is the perfect solution for areas with water bans or those areas that are beginning to prohibit herbicides.  Cutting Edge™ is also gray leaf spot resistant, a common lawn disease caused by hot temperatures that is difficult to correctly diagnose. The resulting lawn is a deep blue-green lawn, with a soft, fine texture. It is currently being installed in homes, businesses, schools, sports fields, municipalities, and golf courses across North America.  It even thrives in hard to grow areas such as hills, shade, sandy soil, and areas with high salt content. 

The US Environmental Protection Agency recommends low-maintenance turf grasses that grow slowly and require less mowing.  Additionally the EPA states that plants with extensive root systems “work much better than traditional mowed grass as a carbon sink.”   After conducting research on lawn equipment emissions, the EPA notes that “Gasoline lawn and garden equipment, on average, produces 5% of ozone-forming VOCs…” The EPA goes on to say that “smog and air toxics can be drastically reduced by the virtual elimination of the need for lawn maintenance equipment.”  Globally, the EPA warns that fertilizers and pesticides can infiltrate our water systems and cause serious health problems.  Cutting Edge™ Grass is an innovative answer to these issues, without sacrificing a gorgeous, natural lawn. (Landscaping with Native Plants, 2012)

Cutting Edge Grass by Sustainable Low Maintenance Grass, LLC is dedicated to being on the cusp of grass seed research and groundbreaking products for the environment.  It is their mission to bring the best in sustainable lawn care to the market.   Cutting Edge™ Grass can be purchased online or through any of its dealers across the US and Canada, which can be found on their website  The company is currently in the process of setting up dealers across North America, so check your local landscape supply company for Cutting Edge™ Grass.