New John Deere fairway and greens mowers introduced at GIS

John Deere 7500 E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mower

The 7500 E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mower is designed with fewer possible hydraulic leak points to protect fairway appearance. Electric reels, which can result in reduced fuel usage and sound levels, are the hallmark of this hybrid mower. The 7500 E-Cut offers the power and traction of the PrecisionCut line and features a 3-cylinder direct inject diesel engine. A double-acting steering cylinder equalizes right and left pressure, like a riding greens mower, making it easier for operators to hold a straight line and achieve superior striping.

For increased hill-climbing ability, the John Deere exclusive GRIP All-Wheel Drive Traction System can be added. This mower also features the exclusive rear-attaching point for the cutting unit yoke, which places force on the rear roller for a more consistent cut height. The 7500 E-Cut comes equipped with John Deere’s revolutionary Quick Adjust 5 (QA5) cutting units, allowing customers to make adjustments quickly and easily. A servo-controlled hydrostatic drive system provides increased flow to the traction system for more power and better traction in either two-wheel or all-wheel drive.

To make the job easier and more comfortable, the 7500 E-Cut features an LED instrument cluster and Sit-on-Seat diagnostics, as well as John Deere’s White Box™ Controller for easy troubleshooting. Operators benefit from substantial leg room, a wider platform for optimum pedal spacing and a highly adjustable suspension seat. 
John Deere 180 E-Cut™ Hybrid Walk Greens Mower

John Deere continues to lead the golf industry by providing innovative products for superintendents and their crews, including its new 180 E-Cut Hybrid Walk Greens Mower. The 180 E-Cut is a new edition to the John Deere Golf walk greens mower lineup, that is built on the superior ground following system used in the industry leading John Deere 220 E-Cut. The new model takes mowing greens to the next level of contour following.

The 180 E-Cut uses the 18-inch QA5 cutting unit that provides a smaller, tighter stripe superior after-cut appearance and will provide superintendents with the best contour following system. Best-in-class contouring makes it ideal for superintendents who need maximum control and leading performance on undulating greens. The mower runs on hybrid technology, which John Deere first introduced to the golf industry in 2005.

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