Graco introduces industry’s first all-in-one, stand-on field marking system

Graco launched its FieldLazer line, a complete family of field marking equipment for the sports turf industry. The Graco FieldLazer family of products is one of the industry’s most complete lines of field marking solutions with walk-behind, ride-on and stand-on equipment systems and accessories.

The new patent-pending FieldLazer G400 striper, available April 2012, is the first all-in-one, stand-on self-propelled field marker in the sports turf industry. This durable and versatile stand-up machine features a shock-absorbing platform and Smooth Ride™ turf-ready tires designed to reduce fatigue and smoothly navigate even the roughest terrain. Features include self-centering steering, electronic gun trigger, Auto-Layout™ System, and automatic dashed line, which are all industry firsts.   

“The new 2012 Graco FieldLazer line changes the game for the field marking industry,” said John Klesk, worldwide product marketing manager, Graco Contractor Equipment Division. “We now offer a complete line-up of FieldLazer line marking equipment featuring Graco’s proven airless paint spray technology recognized worldwide by sports turf professionals for delivering bright lines using less paint. With the addition of the industry first, FieldLazer G400 striper, the FieldLazer product family provides sports turf professionals with a full line of field marking machines to meet virtually every possible application.”

Graco FieldLazer Line Marking Equipment

Stride, Ride, Glide…You Decide!™

Graco revolutionized the field marking industry when it introduced the first walk-behind, high-pressure, airless field paint sprayer in 2004.  Today, there is a Graco FieldLazer machine for most field sizes and applications. 


The Graco FieldLazer S100 and Graco FieldLazer S200 walk-behind field stripers feature durable, lightweight construction for effortless straight lines over every field condition.  These flexible, hard-working machines are full of features designed for comfort and control. Easy reach handlebar controls allow the user to fine tune the striper without stopping with controls located on the handlebar. The Graco FieldLazer S100 striper features the exclusive tall front wheel that easily maneuvers over deep ruts and cleat marks.  The Graco FieldLazer S200 striper is a versatile striping solution ideal for day-to-day field marking as well as occasional parking lot maintenance.


The Graco FieldLazer R300 Complete striper is an all-in-one turf ride-on field marking system that combines the Graco LineDriver™ HD driving system, FieldLazer R300 striping machine, and large capacity 15 gallon paint hopper. This system allows users to quickly stripe a large number of fields with sharp, long and straight lines.  Smooth Ride Turf Tires reduce vibration and fatigue for a comfortable ride over any terrain. Tight turn radius and fast maneuverability is possible with the Center Line Hitch Pivot feature, which also enables quick detach for transport, storage or to Stride using the FieldLazer R300 striper on its own. 


The new Graco FieldLazer G400 striper is the industry’s first all-in-one, stand-on, self-propelled field marking machine. Gliding upright enables field marking professionals better visibility and reduces fatigue while increasing productivity. Intuitive controls and a user interface dashboard are easily accessed from the standing position and enable ease of operation.

All Graco FieldLazer field marking systems feature proven Graco high-pressure, airless paint spray technology for cost-saving, brighter and longer-lasting lines.  Each FieldLazer model is engineered with turf-specific tires that reduce vibration and fatigue while producing long, straight lines over any field terrain. Optional accessories are available to customize each FieldLazer striper and meet the needs of every field marking professional.

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