2nd edition of Turfgrass Water Conservation now on sale

An updated edition of Turfgrass Water Conservation, by Stephen Cockerham and Bernd Leinauer is now available. Water is an increasingly valuable and limited resource, often perceived as being wasted on turfgrass. This second edition brings clear, current, science-based information on turfgrass management and water conservation to turf managers and researchers alike.

Inside you’ll find a look at the current understanding of water use as well as new technologies being researched to reduce water use by turfgrass.

Attention is paid to water quality and turfgrass as a key part of the urban environment, how integrating turfgrass with other landscape uses of water can be part of a conservation plan, and how various water qualities, including reclaimed water, can be part of a management plan.

Chapters also cover
•advances in drought, heat, and salinity stress tolerance
•the role of water in modified root zone media and native soils
•water management technologies
•considerations for construction and management of urban green spaces including parks and golf courses
•water depletion, pesticide and nutrient runoff

A chapter summarizing the practical application of the science in each chapter rounds out the text, presenting the information in an immediately useable format. Includes 10 tables and figures, 20 color photos, a US customary to metric conversion table, and an 8-page glossary.

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