For those who want to find someone in their area to do field work: Go to, and click on the box that says "Find a Builder/Designer/Supplier."

Is your field ready for some downtime?

In some areas of the country, fields are getting ready to go into hibernation. In some, they’re not that lucky, and the grass will see foot traffic all year long.

Whichever category your fields fall into, information is available in the book, Sports Fields: A Construction and Maintenance Manual, published by the American Sports Builders Association. Go to, and click on the word, “Publications” from the top toolbar. The book can be ordered for $44.95, or you can save shipping costs and avoid delays by ordering it as a download.

For those who want to find someone in their area to do field work: Go to, and click on the box that says “Find a Builder/Designer/Supplier.” You can search ASBA’s membership database using keywords, state names, product or company names and more, in order to find someone with the skills you need. The search feature is also a great way to locate suppliers of supplies such as goals, maintenance equipment and more. 

For those who want an expert opinion:  ASBA offers a voluntary certification program which allows builders of specific athletic facilities (including sports fields) to demonstrate proof of their experience and knowledge. The certification offered to those with expertise in sports fields is the Certified Field Builder (CFB) designation. To get a list of CFBs or to find out more about the program, go to, then use the toolbar at the top of the page to select “Certification.” Choose “Certified Field Builders from the drop-down menu. Note that three designations are offered: Certified Field Builder (CFB) which indicates knowledge of both natural and synthetic fields, CFB-N (Certified Builder-Natural, for those who specialize in natural grass fields) and CFB-S (Certified Field Builder-Synthetic, for those who specialize in synthetic turf facilities).

The clock is ticking and the calendar pages are turning. Get busy now and you won’t find yourself out in the cold when winter starts.