The Awards Committee wants to allow for remote judging of applications and provide a level playing field (no pun intended) for all applicants regardless of how much is spent on their presentation of the facts.

STMA Field of the Year application now entirely electronic

Now is the perfect time to begin preparing your STMA Field of the Year Application. The deadline for materials to be received at STMA headquarters is October 15, 2011. The STMA Field of the Year program requires photos from throughout the year, completion of the STMA PCI, and several other items that you can get started on early.
For 2011, STMA has made the entire application process electronic! While not a true “online process,” applicants are required to fill out the forms and submit their materials (forms and photos) via email, the internet or a flash drive or CD. It is the intent of the Awards Committee that this process allow for remote judging of applications, provide a level playing field (pun not intended) for all applicants regardless of budget spent on “the presentation” of the facts regarding the field, and really help the “story” of the field and crew shine through. Download the application form, make sure to read the instructions carefully, and submit your field today!
Just by applying for the STMA Field of the Year Awards, members gain recognition from their employers and community. Community athletic facilities are a point of local pride, and by applying for this program, and showcasing your expertise in the process, you can draw media attention and gain respect throughout the community for the hard work you, your crew and volunteers undertake making your field look and play its best.
Each Field of the Year Award winner is presented with a special plaque at the STMA Awards Banquet, held each year at the STMA Conference and Exhibition. This year, the Awards Banquet will be the evening of Friday, Jan. 14, 2012 in Long Beach, California. In addition to the plaque, each STMA Field of the Year winner will receive free conference registration, three nights of lodging at the conference hotel, STMA signature apparel, and a feature article in the official publication of STMA, SportsTurf Magazine. These awards are generously supported by STMA’s official awards sponsors Carolina Green Corp., Covermaster, Inc., Hunter Industries and World Class Athletic Surfaces.