Honda lawnmower review

Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of 21” walk behind lawnmowers for commercial, premium residential, and consumer applications.  The product line consists of 10 models in four different series, including HRX, HRR, HRS, and HRC.

Each product family incorporates a number of features and accessories for versatility and convenience:  a variable height adjustment system; a large capacity standard rear easy on/easy off grass bag; the exclusive, twin-blade Honda MicroCut® or QuadraCut System®; discharge chute and leaf shredder options; and a choice of mowing decks.  Honda lawnmowers are the only of their kind to offer advanced and durable maintenance-free Cruise Control hydrostatic transmissions or Cone Clutch Variable Speed Transmissions with Smart Drive® Control that allow for infinite drive speed variation.  

In keeping with Honda’s tradition of technological and environmental leadership, all Honda lawnmower models feature Honda’s easy-starting engines that deliver smooth, quiet, reliable four-stroke power. The compact, lightweight OHC (overhead cam) GC Series offers maximum power and high-efficiency combustion for home use, and the OHV (overhead valve) GX Series delivers rugged, commercial grade performance.  Honda’s full line of lawnmowers meets rigorous California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards, ensuring their availability and regulatory compliance in all 50 states.

The Honda HRX Series

Introduced in 2004, the Honda HRX Series pioneers the unique Versamow System™ that, for the first time on any lawnmower, easily enables simultaneous distribution of clippings to both the bag and the ground.  Honda expanded the HRX Series in 2008 with the launch of the premium HRX217VKA.  Equipped with the SMART Drive®  Control, the HRX allows the user to easily control the lawnmower’s speed simply by resting his or her hands on the handlebars – adding still more convenience and ease of use to what already is the most user-friendly 21-inch lawnmower on the market today.  All HRX models are available nationally through Honda Power Equipment dealers.

The HRX models use the four-stroke, single-cylinder GCV190 OHC engine. The HRX electric start model, introduced in 2005, also features advanced Cyclon sealed lead-acid battery technology. The battery is mounted on the lawnmower’s handlebar and integrated with a convenient automotive-style key switch.  Depending on use, the battery should only require charging twice a year, delivering up to 300 starts on a single charge. Electricity is fed to a small starter motor incorporated in the GCV190 engine.

The Honda Versamow System™ has been designed to be a complete four-in-one mowing system delivering the ultimate in flexibility.  A Clip Director® lever located behind the engine cowling operates a sliding door between the lawnmower deck and the grass bag allowing the operator to easily:

Ø  Rear discharge;

Ø  Mulch 100 percent of clippings;

Ø  Bag 100 percent of clippings;

Ø  Simultaneously mulch and bag or rear discharge in varying degrees through 10 separate settings.

The system also offers a setting for leaf shredding where leaves are re-circulated until they are small enough to pass into the bag.  All this can take place without tools or attachments required on most conventional lawnmowers.

Targeting best-in-industry bagging performance, the HRX is able to mow 40 percent further before the bag is full, allowing the operator to empty the bag 40 percent less often.  This is accomplished through the use of a 2.5 bushel grass bag, and Honda’s MicroCut® offset twin-blade cutting system that results in finer clippings that pack the bag more efficiently.  Additional HRX features and benefits include:

Ø  The exclusive, easy-to-clean NeXite® mowing deck, which allows clippings to circulate naturally for maximum mulching; the deck comes with a lifetime warranty;

Ø  A newly designed variable speed hydrostatic transmission (smaller and lighter than on previous models) that offers infinitely variable speed control and the ability to set and maintain a constant pace regardless of conditions.  Speed is easily adjustable with the speed control lever;

Ø  Honda’s Roto-Stop® blade brake clutch system provides quick blade stopping without shutting off the lawnmower – allows for bag emptying without restarting the engine and self propel without the blade engaged.




Standard Design Features


Variable speed SMART Drive® VST Transmission.


4-in-1 Clip Director®, no tools; no attachments;

flywheel brake and auto choke system.


Hydrostatic drive

4-in-1 Clip Director®, no tools; no attachments;

Roto-Stop® BBC.


Hydrostatic drive; electric start system featuring Cyclon sealed lead-acid battery technology

4-in-1 Clip Director®; no tools; no attachments;

Roto-Stop® BBC.


The Honda HRR and HRS Series

The Honda HRR Series consists of three different models, each containing a number of standard features and benefits, including:

Ø  An easy-starting four-stroke, single cylinder GCV160 OHC engine designed to reduce weight and increase lawnmower maneuverability;

Ø  The world’s first internal timing belt on a lawnmower with reserve power for the most demanding mowing conditions;

Ø  The exclusive twin-blade QuadraCut System® that uses four cutting surfaces for superior mulching and bagging;

Ø  The Honda HRR steel mowing deck;

Ø  An easy on/easy off grass bag for low-effort emptying;

Ø  A handle incorporating easily accessible controls, designed to maximize safety, comfort and convenience;

Ø  A height adjustment system, offering seven mowing height adjustments ranging from ¾” to 4” (depending on the model) for different mowing needs;

Ø  Variable speed Dynamic Torque Cone Clutch transmissions with Smart Drive® Control;

Ø  A redesigned rear axle that improves lawnmower cutting performance at lower settings. 


Introduced in 2006, the HRR Series lawnmower line is designed to deliver exceptionally easy operation, high performance and superior fuel efficiency.  The HRR216K7VXA model is equipped with the revolutionary, variable speed SMART Drive® transmission system and easy-folding handlebars – delivering an infinitely easier lawnmowing experience at an affordable price.  HRR Series models – the HRR216K7VXA and HRR216K7VKA – are available nationwide through Honda Power Equipment dealers and The Home Depot retail stores. 

The HRR216K7VXA incorporates Honda’s newest technological innovation, the SMART Drive® control system.  Developed and tested by Honda R&D, this unique Variable Speed Transmission (VST) allows the user to easily control the lawnmower’s speed simply by resting his or her hands on the handlebars.  By placing either one or both thumbs on the lever, the operator can easily control the lawnmower’s speed and even mow with one hand.

The HRR Series, powered by Honda’s GCV160 OHC engine, incorporates a number of design elements that make easy work of mowing.

Honda offers the following three lawnmowers in the HRR Series: 





Standard Design Features



Push type


Rear bagger/mulcher,

4-in-1 (mulch, bag and side discharge, optional chute and leaf shredder).


SMART Drive®  Control

Rear bagger/mulcher,

4-in-1 (mulch, bag and side discharge, optional chute and leaf shredder); Blade stop system.


SMART Drive®  Control

Rear bagger/mulcher,

4-in-1 (mulch, bag and side discharge, optional chute and leaf shredder); Automatic choke system.


The HRS Series includes two side discharge, mulch models featuring the OHC/OHV Honda lightweight engines; these models are easy to start and deliver efficient power.  The compact design of these engines also makes the lawnmowers easy to maneuver.  The extremely efficient combustion of the OHC/OHV configuration means one engine certifies to emissions standards in all 50 states.  Both HRS lawnmowers are covered by a three-year warranty.




Standard Design Features



 Push type

Side discharge/mulcher




Side discharge/mulcher


The Honda Commercial Series

The Honda HRC Commercial Series offers two models: the self-propelled, hydrostatic drive HRC216K3HXA and push-type HRC216K3PDA — both which offer the best combination of features and durability for the professional landscaper. The legendary performance of the HRC Series is enhanced by offering Honda’s exclusive MicroCut® twin-blade mulching technology.

Honda HRC lawnmowers are designed with a number of standard features and benefits, including:

Ø  Dome-shaped deck design that facilitates both bagging and mulching while delivering finer clipping particles;

Ø  Offset twin blade MicroCut® System (the only 2-blade 21-inch commercial lawnmower);

Ø  Hydrostatic Cruise Control Shaft Drive transmission for increased durability (1.8 – 4.0 mph); (HXA model only);

Ø  Front bumper provides lawnmower deck and engine protection; also allows for convenient transport tie down;

Ø  Durable, lightweight NeXite® wheels with axle protectors.




Standard Design Features


Push type

Honda GSV engine with aluminum uniblock construction; cast iron sleeve dual-stage air filter; MicroCut® twin blades for optimum bagging and mulching performance.


Hydrostatic Cruise Control transmission

Honda GXV engine upgrade and Honda Roto-Stop® blade stop system; MicroCut® twin blades for optimum bagging and mulching performance.



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