NewLiner baseball chalk machines by Newstripe

Newstripe’s HD 50 and HD 100 baseball field chalk machines now feature a dual front wheel drive that eliminates the “skipping” that single wheel drive units encounter with uneven surfaces. The new drive keeps distributing chalk even when one wheel encounters a low spot in the surface. The result is a constant flow of chalk for more consistent lines. Plus, the dual drive guides the machine in a straight path allowing even the beginner to produce straight lines. The

50 lb. and 100 lb. chalk machines are backed by a 36-month warranty, produce both 2” and 4” wide lines and also feature a new rod hinge on the lid, sight window to see the chalk as it drops, 10” pneumatic tires and dual handles for better control.

Newstripe’s complete line of athletic field maintenance equipment, from drags and groomers to line painting machines, paint and stencils may be viewed at . Specifications and pricing may be downloaded from the website or call toll free 1-800-624-6706 for more information.

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