Both the ESP-LXME and the ESP-LXD are efficient controller solutions that combine modularity with advanced water management and Rain Bird's Extra Simple Programming.

Rain Bird introduced new ESP-LX Series controllers

Watering restrictions and tight budgets are making it increasingly necessary for commercial sites to save more time, water and money. As a result, specifiers and contractors are looking for more versatile irrigation control solutions that can answer the needs of their commercial clients. Rain Bird has responded by introducing two new ESP-LX Series Controllers—the traditionally-wired ESP-LXME Controller and the two-wire decoder-based ESP-LXD Controller.

Both the ESP-LXME and the ESP-LXD are efficient controller solutions that combine modularity with advanced water management and Rain Bird’s Extra Simple Programming. “The innate flexibility of both ESP-LX Series Controllers makes it possible for irrigation professionals to design and build control systems that give their commercial clients the features they want now,” said Doug Callison, Rain Bird’s senior product manager for new product development. “Later on, these same clients can benefit from additional functionality when their needs and budgets allow.”

As a traditionally-wired controller, the ESP-LXME is a better fit for small to large commercial sites that are unlikely to experience future expansion and need fast, easy installation with low controller hardware costs. The ESP-LXD two-wire decoder-based controller is the right choice for larger commercial sites, projects being developed in multiple phases over time and sites that require fast and efficient troubleshooting. Each controller comes packed with standard features like Rain Bird’s Cycle+Soak™ and Contractor Default Program™, plus the option to include advanced features like Rain Bird’s ET Manager™ Cartridge for smart, weather-based control and the IQ v2.0 NCC Communications Cartridge for affordable, integrated central control.

Optional accessories specifically for the ESP-LXME include Station Modules that can expand the controller from eight to 48 stations in four-station increments. A Flow Smart Module can provide flow learning, logging and problem reaction for those sites that need to react very quickly to pipe breaks, clogged heads or other flow-related issues.

The ESP-LXD can also be enhanced with the addition of optional features. The ESP-LXD-SM75 Station Module which can expand the controller from its standard 50 stations up to 200 stations in 75 station increments. The PBC Programming Back-Up Cartridge restores programming and configuration for up to eight ESP-LXD Controllers. An optional Bar Code Scanner Pen makes it fast and easy to enter decoder address and stations.

“With intuitive operation and unprecedented flexibility, the ESP-LX Series Controllers are an excellent choice for any commercial application,” Callison added. “From their simple-to-use dials to their easy-to-follow prompts, both the ESP-LXME and the ESP-LXD are controllers that provide superior irrigation control while cutting installation expenses and troubleshooting time.”

By combining simple programming, easier troubleshooting and a long list of both standard and optional features, Rain Bird’s ESP-LX Series Controllers give customers a dependable and modular control solution. For more information, contact your local Rain Bird distributor, call 1-800-RAIN BIRD or visit