New Millcreek topdresser made for tight budgets

Millcreek Manufacturing introduces the Turf Tiger, a high-performance, versatile topdresser and spreading machine designed for facilities with limited budgets. The durable 7,500-pound capacity unit applies a wide variety of topdressing, infield mix and bulk materials, such as compost, wet or dry, with unprecedented speed for use on sports fields, parks and recreation areas and golf courses.

The Turf Tiger eliminates clogs when spreading wet materials allowing sports turf professionals to topdress quickly and accurately despite weather conditions. Working with a compact tractor, the Turf Tiger spreads materials like wood chips and de-icing materials used on campuses, parking lots, large walkways and small roads.

Three interchangeable attachments are designed to precisely spread bulk materials in a single pass. The patented Saber Tooth™ beater uses uniquely placed steel plates to manage difficult-to-spread materials, including wet sand, in uniform patterns up to 12’ wide.

The spinner attachment is ideal for thin broadcast applications up to 35’ wide in a variety of coverage

depths, while the 42” wide brush component is suited for precision drop spreading.

Millcreek Manufacturing has an updated website featuring resources including turf tips, how-to guides

and equipment operating manuals. For more information on the Millcreek Turf Tiger, call 1-800-311-1323,

or visit