Turfco offers new WideSpin truck-mounted broadcast topdresser

For 50 years, Turfco has led the way in topdressing technology. That legacy of innovation continues with the introduction of the industry’s most advanced topdresser, the WideSpin™ 1540 TEC truck-mounted broadcast topdresser.

Featuring on-board diagnostics, electronic controls, and WideSpin technology, the WideSpin 1540 TEC is designed for use with John Deere® and Toro® turf vehicles. A few simple mounting brackets and connections turn these trucks into a quality broadcast spreader.

Simple, push-button controls on the electronic controller, combined with the unique spinner design allow operators to complete 90 percent of applications without complicated directions or mechanical adjustments. A 25 cubic-foot hopper keeps operators on the course while still keeping a light footprint on greens.

“These new vehicle trunk-mount options offer consumers more ways to make topdressing even easier,” said Scott Kinkead, executive vice president for Turfco Manufacturing. “We want to give superintendents the ability to replicate the perfect application every time they topdress, no matter the turf truck they use. With the press of a button, operators can immediately change the width and rate giving an accurate application on greens, tees and approaches.”

With a 30-feet wide light application, it enables superintendents to topdress 18 greens in 90 minutes. Featuring WideSpin technology, the 1540 TEC continues to give an accurate, clean and precise spread from ultra-light to ultra-heavy and everything in between, with very few adjustments.

With the easy-to-use electronic controller, superintendents can preset up to three customized rates. This patented three-position switch prevents tampering and guarantees a clean

application. The WideSpin 1540 TEC gives a very light application that requires no dragging and enables operators to switch from a light spread to a 15-foot heavy spread for aerification in five minutes without attachments.

It also provides the greatest range of spinner angle in the industry, both up and down, giving a greater range of applications.  The spinner angle is adjustable from zero to 15 degrees for greater control and better penetration of turf, even on windy days.

Belt and spinner speeds adjust instantaneously for greater productivity, and only Turfco offers a three-year warranty on renovation equipment.

Additional WideSpin 1540 TEC features include:

Galvanized hopper for worry-free rust proof durability – no paint to get sanded away.
Patented three-position switch guarantees spinners turn on before conveyor ensuring a clean application every time.
Trench filler attachment available.

About Turfco

Based in Minneapolis, Minn., Turfco Manufacturing is the topdressing leader in the golf and sports turf industry. Turfco built the first mechanized topdresser in 1961 and continues as the first choice of professional turf managers worldwide. By offering the best machine in each category, Turfco provides products that allow turf managers to accomplish topdressing and material handling objectives. For more information call (800) 679-8201 or visit www.turfco.com