Box for synthetic turf, track sprinklers

Underhill International introduces a new custom-designed Turf Box to house the company’s long-throw Mirage-125 sprinklers, typically installed around the perimeter of synthetic sports fields.

Mirage-125 heads are used to cool down and clean artificial track and field surfaces before practice or competition. By installing the M-125 heads in a stainless steel Turf Box, crews can better access the sprinklers for routine maintenance without disturbing the surface of the playing fields.

Constructed to accommodate the oversized M-125 sprinklers, the Turf Box enclosures sit 18” below grade and measure 15” x 18” wide.         Artificial turf is laid up to the edge of the Turf Box lid. Sprinklers can be serviced through-the-top of the Box, without interfering with track or field surfaces.

Mirage sprinklers are connected to the irrigation lines through the bottom of the box and rise above grade when in operation. The box base has a 2.5” return flange for stability in all types of soil.

Turf Box is fabricated from 16-gauge stainless steel and has stainless steel hardware. The lid is covered in rugged Trex Polywood for durability and the Box includes drip holes to prevent standing water. Lids screw in place.       

Underhill’s Mirage-125 sprinklers feature a 125-foot throwing radius,

4” pop-up height and adjustable from 30° to 360°. They are available as block or electric valve-in-head.    

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